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Don’t spend your time and energy trying to find tenants — let our talented team find the perfect tenants for you. Finding the right tenant makes all the difference. We Qualify Prospective Tenants:

We Run Credit Reports
A credit report enables us to help you evaluate prospective tenants’ financial responsibility. We look for patterns of credit worthiness in prospective applicants.

We perform a Criminal Background Check
We evaluate the prospective tenant's background.

We Check Previous Rental History 

If you’ve ever had a tenant damage your property, you know that repairs can be costly. This is why we call previous landlords for references on all applicants. 

We perform income verification
We review a prospective tenant's employment and income to further evaluate the financial strength of the applicant.

Once we secure qualified tenants, we:

  • Notify applicants of approval
  • Prepare and Execute Lease signing with Landlord and Tenant
  • Provide all parties with copies of paperwork


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